396 AVC I Course – Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign

396 Applied Visual Communications I Course taught at Medicine Hat College – Class Assignment

The new Alberta Distracted Driving Law prompted me to initiate an awareness campaign within Medicine Hat College. Students were each allocated a different part of the college campus and asked to find ‘local’ communication opportunities within their given area or context. Students were required to research the users / target audiences of their given location and create a solution fitting to the content and the users. Guerrilla marketing / communication strategies were encouraged while at the same time students were encouraged to think about minimal design intervention.

College Contexts:
1:  Starbucks Coffee Shop
2:  Vending Machine
3:  Floor in S-wing
4 – 5:  Crave College Bar
6 – 10:  H Building
11 – 12:  Trades Wing
13 – 15:  College Exterior
16 – 20:  Sports Wing
17:  Science Wing