496 AVC II Course – Grad Show Advertising & Graphics

496 AVC II Course – Graduation Exhibition Advertising & Graphics

496 Applied Visual Communications II Course taught in the Winter 2011 Semester at Medicine Hat College. Students within my course were asked to work collaboratively to develop and produce a Visual Identity and Marketing Plan for the Graduating Student Exhibition called ‘Rip Off’.

The theme focused on the use of branding and visual icons in our culture. Artists and designers have been appropriating images and logos from historical and near historical sources for the past half century or more. The exhibition examined, explored and exploited social, moral, and ethical implications of the business of repurposing brands.

Students developed an identity built from commonly recognized brands. These were appropriated and re-messaged for the purpose of marketing the exhibition. Tactics included the re-design of recognizable: Signs, Bookmarks, Coasters, Java Jackets, Adverts, Posters, an invitation and a Website. A recognizable smart phone was also appropriated for the Exhibition Catalogue.