Casino RFP Book Design

Designed in collaboration with Brian Ohlmann Senior Art Director at Agency MGM Communications in Saskatoon, SK. This request for proposal (RFP) book was intended to excite all the senses. The target audience for this proposal was a chain of Casinos in Saskatchewan.

The book was designed to mirror the sensory experience of visiting a Casino. The dust jacket outer sleeve emulates the darkness outside the casino. Once removed and you step inside The Excitement begins. Five interactive pages based on the senses were created. These acted as section dividers throughout the book. The Sights featured an image of falling dice printed onto a 3D holographic pattern. The Feels featured the graphic of a roulette table printed onto green textured felt. The Sounds featured a curtain graphic which once opened started a (gift card) sound mechanism which played Kool & the Gang – Celebrate. The Smells was constructed from ‘scratch & sniff’ fruit scented paper. The Tastes consisted of edible chocolate coins.