Diagrams: Innovative Solutions for Graphic Designers Book

Diagrams: Innovative Solutions for Graphic Designers By Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser
ISBN: 9782888930617 Published by Rotovision 2009

Work by the Design Consultancy boing! appears in this book on page 88-89.

This brochure had to present data concerning where graduates from De Montfort University in Lincoln England, found employment. “We wanted the charts to convey something about the specific creative discipline they refer to,” says Jeff Leak. Each pie chart is created from a cutout image of an item, or section of an item, that is directly associated with an individual academic discipline. For example, a piece of cut glass forms the pie chart for the BA Conservation and Restoration data, while a roll of masking tape forms the chart for the Foundation Studies Diploma. The brochure is printed in two colours, with each pie chart shown in grayscale.