High School Student Recruitment Poster

As part of the 2011 Visual Communications departmental recruitment strategy, I designed and built (in Photoshop) a poster to appeal to High School Students. Why design a poster in this day and age? Research has shown us that posters like these are displayed on art room walls for many years! The finished poster would be mailed to Art & Design High School Teachers in the Prairie Provinces. Based on the concept of “Navigating to a Career”. The desired action was to drive students to a new departmental website.

The images below show the finished poster and design process:

1. Finished Poster
2. Top Detail
3. Middle Detail
4. Bottom Detail
5. Content Exploration
6. Concept Scribble
7. Visual language research
8. Menu Ideation
9. Digital Mock-Ups
10. Digital Sketching
11. Menu Fine Tuning
12. Photoshop Artwork
13. Artwork Fine Tuning