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Necessity Solves Problems by Giles Woodward

The answers to all our questions are right in front of us. We just can’t see them. We’re looking in all the wrong places.

Once a year the Enactus Club at Medicine Hat College invites ordinary people to share inspiring ideas. Because everybody can change the world. All it takes is the right idea. These are the stories that will change the way you see the world.

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An Introductory Lecture given at the first annual Ideas Festival: ‘The Inspire Lectures’ ( Have you heard of the TED Talks (Ideas Worth Spreading) or the Do Lectures (Ideas Change Everything) The Inspire Lectures are a local model on those talks initiated by Jon Sookocheff and the team at The Entrepreneur Development Centre at Medicine Hat College. An evening of dinner, conversation and inspiration held at Inspire Café on Thursday November 15 from 6pm-8:30pm in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

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