Pica 11 Conference – Education Stream Speaker

Pica 11  BEYOND: the un-convention Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Conference at The Fairmont Banff Springs, Hotel, Banff, AB Canada, May 1-3, 2011

Lecture: The Vernacular — Who Needs It?

What does it mean to be design competent? What role should technology play in solving communication problems? Are we more concerned with power than communication? Do graphic designers miss the obvious? Is there an overemphasis in design education upon slickness of style over ideas and problem solving? Do designers have ownership upon communication? What are the future consequences of our design actions? Are we more concerned with aesthetics and clever tricks than solving a problem sustainably?

The presentation uses examples taken from my research into ‘vernacular‘ design thinking, strategy and communication. The concept of solving problems ‘locally‘ through use of material, form, content, medium and context.

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